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A goal of one-gallery and the web site is to share the art and creativity from different cultures, and in that sharing we realize both our uniqueness and our oneness. Through respect and admiration for each other, we complete the circle with our desire to help one another live better lives.  With this in mind, please explore our links or make a recommendation to be listed here.

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The Land of I Can is a treasure! Deceptively simple, this book is beautiful in appearance and in what it shows us about ourselves. Authored by Susan Gilbert, Founder of  one-gallery, it has received rave reviews from spiritual leaders, including Neale Donald Walsch, author of Conversations with God who said, ""The greatest wisdoms come in the simplest packages. So it is with The Land of I Can."

Spirit In Art

Spirit in Art is the sister web site of one-gallery with the purpose of encouraging art and beauty, and promoting a sense of global community.  Books, music, jewelry, and more will be available to heighten your sense of being and understanding your place in the world.

Childreach Organization

one-gallery chose the Childreach Organization to donate a  percentage of your purchase to benefit children from disadvantaged areas around the world.  As a non-profit and non-sectarian organization, Childreach is dedicated to helping children and their families overcome poverty and hopelessness.  We encourage you to get involved and sponsor a child today.

Copyright 1999 Childreach. All rights reserved. Used with permission. 1-800-556-7918

Aid To Artisans (ATA)

Aid to Artisans, Inc., is a unique non-profit organization that creates  opportunities for craftspeople throughout the world by providing  grants, workshops, business training, and links from their web site to the businesses where these crafts are sold.  Find out more what this special organization does and how you can help.

Children's Art Project

The Children's Art Project sells charming jewelry, cards, books, clothing, and gifts designed by pediatric patients at M. D. Anderson Cancer Center at the University of Texas.  Each purchase supports valuable emotional, recreational and educational programs for children who have cancer.  You can also send a free e-card to a friend or relative and spread the news about this wonderful non-profit organization.  Volunteers are also needed and appreciated.

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