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Art is a human expression of the beauty in the world around us.  The creative energy of art takes many forms and speaks a universal language we can all understand.  We profoundly communicate how we feel, think, hear, and touch each other through our spirituality expressed in art.

one-gallery brings you handcrafted, fine jewelry from Bali that was created with high intention and inspired by the joy of life.  Wearing the jewelry brings you closer to the unity bonding each of us in this world.  Hence, we present our first collection:  The Unity Collection.  Through superior quality of materials and craftsmanship, The Unity Collection brings wearable art to a global level. 

Our mission details our commitment to improving world communication and acceptance, including one-gallery's efforts within the global community.  Find out more about Susan Gilbert, owner and founder of one-gallery, and how her journey in Bali led to the development of The Unity Collection in our journey section.  Discover more about esoteric silver and the ancient meanings behind the stones and symbols we use in the jewelry section.  If you are a distributor or wholesale company and are interested in distributing one-gallery jewelry, please fill out our distributor form under distributor opportunities.


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