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The Unity Collection uses the finest stones from all over the world.  Discover the ancient meanings about these stones and how they can help you.

Stones: amber | amethyst | black onyx | garnet | lapis lazuli | malakyte | peridot | turquoise




Wear amber for healing.

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Amber is the solidified, fossilized resin of extinct conifer trees and is highly valued for its inclusions of insects, leaves and organic debris trapped within the sap during formation. This honey colored stone radiates powerful amounts of heat and light, and possesses intense magnetic energy. In fact, it is probably the most magnetic stone that we have. That is why amber can be a most effective energy gem. Ancient medicine men honored amber as an elixir to heal just about everything except love. Rub your amber as well as wear it!

Amber Jewelry
Unity Amber Pendant with Peridot


Wear amethyst to lift your spirits.

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Wear an amethyst if you want to get in touch with your intuition, your own feelings, or your own values. This purple gemstone has remarkable influences enhancing your mind, your intuition, and your insights concerning practical things. If you are seeking greater intuition, keep an amethyst in your collection. A stone to lift your spirits and help you meditate.

Amethyst Jewelry
  Unity Malakyte Pendant with Amethyst
Way to the Heart with Amethyst

Black Onyx


Wear onyx to encourage happiness and good fortune.

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Onyx can be worn for self-protection and you may use it successfully and positively for release. For example, you could use it to end a bothersome relationship. It is a preferred gem of the ancients and will stimulate self-control and protection.  It will help emotional stability during a time of battle, and could be worn daily as a strength-giving object.

Black Onyx Jewelry
Unity Black Onyx Pendant with Garnet
Bold Black Onyx Earrings



Wear garnet to stimulate imagination and success.

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Garnets can act as strong help to balance your energy systems and stimulate your desires and uplift your attitude. They are lucky stones: lucky for love, lucky for success, and lucky for goals. You can use your garnets to increase your positive attitude and popularity, for everyone likes a positive, happy person. And, of course, this can enhance your personal self-esteem. Garnets are the perfect stone for the executive woman. The red gem can encourage success in business and business relationships.

Garnet Jewelry
Unity Black Onyx Pendant with Garnet
Unity Lapis Lazuli Pendant with Garnet
Way to the Heart with Garnet

Lapis Lazuli


Wear lapis lazuli for wisdom and truth.

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This opaque gemstone is one of the oldest spiritual stones known. It was used mainly by priests and royalty in ancient Egypt to symbolize universal truth. Through the ages, lapis has been associated with power, wisdom, love, and most frequently as a stimulator for psychic abilities. Wear your lapis jewelry to enhance your judgment and wisdom.

Lapis Lazuli Jewelry
Unity Lapis Lazuli Pendant with Garnet
Bold Lapis Lazuli Earrings



Wear malakyte for vitalizing body and mind.

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Historically, malakyte (also spelled malachite) is believed to enhance great visionary powers. Not only as potent stones of protection, they were also thought to stimulate just about every type of personal power. You can use a green malakyte to promote your inner peace and hope. It will aid in your business world success through its practical expedient of warding off undesirable business associations. Protection and inner security, the major actions of malakyte, go hand in hand. Excellent balancer on all levels.

Malakyte Jewelry
Unity Malakyte Pendant with Amethyst



Wear peridot to accelerate personal growth and 
open new doors of opportunity.
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Prized by the Egyptian pharaoh himself for his personal adornment, other peridots were used as curatives by the counsel priests to keep their minds free from envious thoughts and jealousies concerning the pharaoh's powers. A stone that helps to balance energies, the peridot reduces stress and stimulates the mind.

Peridot Jewelry
Unity Amber Pendant with Peridot
Spiral Ring with Peridot 



Wear turquoise for peace of mind.

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One of the gemstones that bridges all cultures, turquoise is found around the world, from the Far East to the Southwest United States. It has been prized by several cultures including those of Egypt, Persia, Tibet, as well as the Aztecs and Incas of South America. Turquoise can relax your mind and ease mental tension, calming your emotions and stress overstimulation.

Turquoise Jewelry
Unity Turquoise Pendant


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